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Being an artist in a digitalized and vastly changing world, Phileas Baun is embracing the unknown while looking for a contemporary relevance in his art practice. 

His projects are ranging from early to contemporary music, close collaborations with composers and interdisciplinary artists, versatile use of electric and acoustic guitar instruments as well as bridging genres by developing new and innovative staged concert formats.


As one of the worlds leading chamber ensemble the "Kammerorchester Basel" brings an unmatched energy and intimacy to Rodrigos work. Through the use of period instruments and gut strings the orchestra creates a brittle and transparent color in this world famous piece.

"BLACKOUT - a symphony of light and sound" is a contemporary concert for five (electric) guitarists collectively composed and staged by The Interstring Project. A wild and electrifying collage of classical guitars, metal riffs, techno beats and soundscapes with audio-reactive light and live projections.

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